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Maxima was founded in 2001, in Poviglio in the province of Reggio Emilia. Its target was clear from the very beginning: becoming the leading company in its field.
On its basis Maxima has a project built on values like transparency, simplicity and true passion for its work.

The company specializes in diamond tools and construction machineries for cutting and drilling. Its turnover has constantly increased over the years, even during the period of economic crisis. Such encouraging result is a positive confirmation of the far-seeing commercial and marketing choices that Maxima and its partners personally pursue. 

So, from the small shed where its business started, Maxima moved in 2008 to a new modern facility in via Matteotti, on a 10.000 m² area, which enables the company to respond with more effectiveness to its customers’ commercial and quick supply needs. 

Maxima has always believed in simplicity. Simplicity in relation with people, that has to be completely transparent; simplicity in the way Maxima presents its products, which take their name from their color, and containing a clear description of their technical features; simplicity in its catalogue, easy to be looked up also by less experienced users. 

Trust gained over the years is also a result of Maxima total quality: certified and controlled, and also of its exhaustive range of products, offering items suitable for any requirement, always in stock. 

Maxima is the first company in its field that has aimed at marketing as a market lever, being able to use image and trademark policy as its acknowledge strong point.Speedy deliveries and accurate customer service, before and after sales, complete an efficient and customized service.

For the future Maxima has in store a lot of novelties, among which a further expansion of its range, an increase of its market’s shares, branching out to the foreign market and a special attention to both eco-friendly and social issues.

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