Green Cup

Green Cup


The most scratchy of the range. Green Cup links two production technologies: sontering and vacuum-packed, and for this reason is the preferred tool of whom is looking for speed, hard removal and smooth. This grinding cup is also great on some types of epoxy and glues. Despite its appearance is more crafted, Green Cup stands out thanks to its ductility and power.

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Choose diameter
M14 ring nut
Cured Concrete / Bricks / Roofing tiles discobolo tabellediscobolo tabellediscobolo tabelle
Slightly reinforced concrete discobolo tabelle
Highly reinforced concrete  
Granite/ Natural stone / Porphyries discobolo tabellediscobolo tabellediscobolo tabellediscobolo tabelle
Marble discobolo tabelle
Refractories discobolo tabelle
Sandstone/Washed gravel slabs discobolo tabelle
Double fired ceramic tiles  
Single fired ceramic tiles  
Epoxy and Glue discobolo tabelle
Porcelain stoneware/Klinker tiles  discobolo tabelle
Fresh cement  
Cutting speed EXTRA
Average life discobolo tabellediscobolo tabellediscobolo tabelle
sufficient discobolo tabelle     average discobolo tabellediscobolo tabelle     good discobolo tabellediscobolo tabellediscobolo tabelle    excellent discobolo tabellediscobolo tabellediscobolo tabellediscobolo tabelle     super discobolo tabellediscobolo tabellediscobolo tabellediscobolo tabellediscobolo tabelle
Cured Concrete Bricks Roofing tiles
Slightly reinforced concrete
Highly reinforced concrete
Granite Natural stones Porphyries
Sandstone Washed gravel slabs
Porcelain stoneware Klinker tiles
Resins and Sheaths
Cutting speed
Average life
Usage on
Portable sanders

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