Centring Piston

Centring Piston


The Centring piston is the innovative Vacuum 300 core bit centring system.

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The Centring piston is the innovative Vacuum 300 core bit centring system. Suited for diameters less than 112, it maintains efficient dust vacuuming even when inserted in the coupling, i.e. before drilling. The bayonet coupling makes it practical and easy to insert and remove. Remove it from the fitting as soon as the core bit has made the hole, i.e. 0.5/1 cm hole depth, to avoid damage and / or pointless stress.

The centring piston is compatible only with the VACUUM 300 CORE BIT and only for diameters from 32 to 107mm.
It cannot be used for other diameters and for Vacuum Core Bits 150 and 70.
In these cases it is advisable to purchase the relevant CENTRING PLATES.

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