Reduced price! Cover T115 – T125 – T230

Cover T115 – T125 – T230



Metal protection applicable on every angle grinder 115 and 230. 

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Cover T115 reduces all type of dust over 90%. It can be used without vacuum cleaner by using just a hose helping dust going into a tank or really using a vacuum cleaner. Also available for diameter 125 and 230 mm.

Weight T115: 0,3 KgMax cutting depth with disc Ø 115: 17 mm
Weight T230: 0,6 KgMax cutting depth with disc Ø 230: 65 mm
Dimensions T115 (L x P x H): 200 x 110 x 40 mmMaterials: powder-coated iron
Dimensions T230 (L x P x H): 290 x 180 x 40 mm 


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