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available in various lengths and with various threads, they make it possible to drill in depth.

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  • L. 100 mm, M16F-M16M
  • L. 250 mm, M16F-M16M
  • L. 100 mm, M18F-M16M
  • L. 250 mm, M18F-M16M
  • L. 100 mm, 5/8"F-M16M
  • L. 250 mm, 5/8"F-M16M
  • L. 100 mm, 1/2 GasM-1/2 GasF
  • L. 200 mm, 1/2 GasM-1/2 GasF
  • L. 250 mm, 1/2 GasM-1/2 GasF

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