Cer Pink Turbo

Cer Pink Turbo


Sales statistics have elected the Cer Pink Turbo as Maxima’s best selling product ever. 

Sp. 1,3 mm

N.B.: not to be used with jolly cutting.

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Sales statistics have elected the Cer Pink Turbo as Maxima’s best selling product ever. Created specifically for porcelain stoneware, this super thin tool is suitable for all tile types of tile. It ensures high cutting speed and precision for professional users. Available with or without reinforcement, its crown is a mere 1.3 mm thick. Like the Cer Pink Laser, this model has been in production for some time, and its extreme reliability makes it very popular on the market. For safety reasons, it is not advisable to use ultra-thin blades for jolly cutting. Also available in X-Lock version for ø 115 and 125.¯

Cured Concrete / Bricks / Roofing tiles
Slightly reinforced concrete
Highly reinforced concrete
Granite/ Natural stone / Porphyries
Sandstone/Washed gravel slabs
Double fired ceramic tiles
Single fired ceramic tiles
Porcelain stoneware/Klinker tiles
Fresh cement
Cutting speed
Average life
sufficient     average     good     excellent     super
Granite Natural stones Porphyries
Double-fired ceramics
Single-fired ceramics
Porcelain stoneware Klinker tiles
Cutting speed
Average life
Usage on
Angle grinder
Saw benches
Table saws

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