¡Precio rebajado! CUFFIAMAX 82 - 162

CUFFIAMAX 82 - 162



The Cover for Gold Laser Spiral Core Bit, Black Spiral Core Bit and Silver Core Bit, allows suction of dust in a flat and regular ground.

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Suitable for drilling with core bits max 82 mm for dust suction guard 82 and with core bits max 162 mm for dust suction guard 162. O-Ring included and can be used with each type of professional vacuum cleaner.

Weight: 110 gr. (82 mm) – 190 gr. (162 mm)Dust Suction Guard Ø 82 dimension (L x W x H): 180 x 220 x 70 mm
Dimension hole: 82 mm and 162 mmDust Suction Guard Ø 162 dimension (L x W x H): 340 x 270 x 70 mm
Made from plastic 

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