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  • Universal Turbo Blades

    This section contains all universal blades with continuous crown, also called TURBO, used mainly on sanding machines.
    Some products are also available with appropriate diameters for use on saws or cut off saws.

  • Universal Laser Blades
  • Blades for Ceramic

    This section gives the complete range of Maxima ceramic blades. They can cut all ceramic materials whatever the diameter and can be installed on any type of electrical machine for use on building yards. Cer Pink Turbo is the best seller of the whole range of diamond tools.

  • Special Diamond Blades

    The special blade was designed because of the need to cut a particular material, unlike the universal blades. This is why Maxima has developed a whole range of tools dedicated to different materials, such as asphalt, cement, refractories, porphyry, marble and granite. The diameters available range from 125 to 800 mm for the different types of construction machinery.

  • Grinding Cups

    The Maxima range of grinding cups is conceived both for its universal use in construction and specific use with stone. Besides the models with continuous and segment crown there is now a new model, Laser Blue Plus which is a grinding cup that cuts and de-burrs all at the same time. The diameters available range from 100 to 180 mm

  • Construction Machinery

    All the construction machinery for cutting with diamond tools in the Maxima range is presented in this section, such as wall chasers, grinders, table saws, foor sawing machines with the addition of the Vibramax range of compactors completing the offer or retailers selling equipment for construction and road companies. All machines are “made in the EU”, produced inside the European Union and each one has a CE certificate CE.

  • Accessories

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